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 Magicians & Illusionists


Helios started magic at the age of 8. He discovered the power of magic and the very same power kept him doing things,what we call mystery and mind games. After smaller card tricks came the sleight of hand tricks age...! Competitions after competitions.! At the age of 15 he won his first major price in Austria.1985 Gmunden 30th international magic congress. It was like a kickstart for him. There was no stop after that! 19 years old and working on his first cruise ship as the youngest magician in the history of passenger cruise liners - But....magic is an endless line of learning and experiencing new things. Illusions became his life Ships after ships. Cruise after cruise. Illusions after illusions. - Quickly he became the daredevil of stage illusions. Children,or adaults, Dubai or England,the audience is thrilled, amazed.Countless German television shows. - His showmanship and the atmosphere on stage,captured thousands of people. 19 years long on cruise ships was just like a snap of your finger.


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