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Jessi Milagros is a versatile musician whose journey began in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, where she honed her craft as a violinist with esteemed ensembles such as the Esteban Salas Camerata, Ad Libintum String Orchestra, and Oriente Symphonic Orchestra. Venturing beyond her homeland to Bahrain in 2019, she joined the Vibes Trio as a pianist, violinist, and vocalist at Bushido By Buddhabar, while also sharing her expertise as a violin teacher at Harmony Music Center. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Héctor Barrientos and Alfredo Muñoz, Jessi's artistry transcends boundaries, earning her acclaim at festivals and competitions, including the Música Cubana Festival and "Concurso Primavera." Her repertoire boasts captivating performances, including renditions of Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, showcasing her mastery and leaving audiences spellbound. Jessi Milagros continues to inspire with her boundless talent, proving herself as a luminary in the world of music.


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