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Carla Mannino, an Italian jazz and bossa nova vocalist, specializing in the genres of jazz and bossa nova, Carla's voice carries a unique blend of soulfulness and finesse. With a degree in Music Therapy and extensive training in jazz, Carla has mastered the art of expressing deep emotions through her music. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her attendance at various jazz courses, allowing her to continually refine her skills and expand her music knowledge. While her main style is jazz, Carla's collaborations with popular artists from diverse genres allow her to cater to a wide range of musical preferences. From intimate gatherings to larger events, she offers a repertoire that spans various genres, ensuring a memorable experience for every audience. Since relocating to the United Arab Emirates in 2022, she has graced prominent stages, including Expo 2020, the renowned Emirates Palace, and the esteemed Maraya Al Ula in Saudi Arabia. Carla's performances have left an indelible mark on audiences, drawing them into a world of timeless melodies and heartfelt expressions. In addition to her vocal talents, Carla showcases her versatility as a performer by incorporating her skills as a rollerskater into her shows. With graceful movements on skates, she adds an extra layer of visual artistry to her performances, creating a unique and memorable experience for her audience.


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