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An Emirati singer-songwriter and frontman of a Dubai-based soul band, known for releasing acclaimed albums and touring internationally.


A renowned female saxophonist known for captivating performances at prestigious events and alongside global artists, with appearances at major venues and international festivals.


A female pianist from Saint Petersburg, Russia, has honed her musical skills through extensive education and experience, excelling in piano performance, jazz, composing, arranging, and vocals.


An Emirati soul singer from the UAE, blending old-school soul with modern neo-soul beats, spreading positivity and cultural values through his music available on major streaming platforms.


A female singer-songwriter based in Dubai, known for soulful vocals and emotive performances, blending R&B, soul, and jazz influences into a unique musical style.


Award-winning singer-songwriter from New Jersey with a soulful voice and rich musical heritage, known for creating inspiring performances across the globe.

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